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What the Critics are saying:

MamMa Mia! 

Gina Milo is an absolute knockout as Tanya, the shamelessly free-spirited, jet-setting cougar who’s so fiercely exquisite and real, even her  fabulous cleavage can’t upstage her...”

 West Michigan's Arts & Entertainment Guide


“As Audrey, Gina Milo is the quintessential femme fatale: vulnerable, innocent, abused and convinced she deserves nothing more. Milo's delivery of "Somewhere That's Green," was so delicately raw that it brought me to tears. The entire audience was silent, hanging on every note. Her gorgeous voice and tremendous acting talent are powerful and moving.


EDGE Media Network


"Milo is exceptional in her portrayal of Vail. She is statuesque, curvy, speaks with a Southern drawl, and sings with spice and sexy confidence that knocks men to their knees and makes women admire her.”                                     

Electronic Urban Report


"Gina Milo plays Martha as if the part were written for her. She’s an excellent comedienne replete with southern accent, habitually flirty demeanor, smarter-than-she-seems innocence, and below-the-surface tenderness.


Woman Around Town

The PRoducers

“When You Got It, Flaunt It.” As Ulla, Gina Milo has got it, including the ability to make Ulla’s over-the-top allure into a spoof of the use of blondes as sex objects, at the same time that she is being a blond sex object.


The New York Times


“Gina Milo‘s Ulla: the Swedish goddess…arrived on that stage with the comedic presence in the same vein as Lucille Ball or even Sofia Vergara: unknowingly nuanced and subjectively (maybe objectively?) batshit weird."


Broadway World

A Christmas Story

“A softly radiant Gina Milo…beautifully sings two of the show’s most touching songs, “What a Mother Does” and “Just Like That.”


New York Times


“Gina Milo, truly is the heart and soul of this production. Milo’s solid acting and beautiful singing voice won major applause throughout the show.  


The Long Islander



“With Gina Milo belting, chirping, scatting, riffing and otherwise warbling her head off as the Lady of the Lake, the laughs flood out all night.”


Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones


“The svelte, ideally brassy Gina Milo makes every darting eye as expressive as her impossibly versatile voice, which swings from opera to blues at will.”


Chicago SunTimes, Heidi Weiss


“Happily, director Rachel Rockwell's all-new production has the great benefit of Gina Milo in the lead role. Milo is a formidable comic actress with a big voice. If you're a fan of this music, she won't disappoint. Indeed, she finds a lot of new gags in the role, adding a certain Pythonesque parody to the breathy vocal stylings associated with the ballads of Newton-John, while still legitimately warbling the entire shebang.


Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

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